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The i2i Accelerator is our annual program that connects high-potential entrepreneurs to the resources and support they need to grow their businesses.

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The i2i Accelerator is a four-month program that runs from September to January each year in Pakistan. Over the course of four months, selected entrepreneurs receive access to virtual support to grow their businesses, and convene for six in-person weekends in either Karachi or Lahore, with targeted sessions led by mentors on topics ranging from branding to customer acquisition to financials and operations.

Meet the 2016-2017 Accelerator Class


Ammi Service aims to provide the first voice-messaging service that educates expecting Pakistani women in rural areas.

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Aasan Doctor is an ‘Uber for healthcare’ service that connects certified doctors to patients from the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, over the phone, SMS or web.

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Grit3D aims to play a pivotal role in health and education standards and revolutionise industries with emerging 3D printing technologies.

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Jaan Pakistan provides affordable energy solutions to meet the domestic household energy needs of low-income communities.

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Meet the 2015-2016 Accelerator Class


doctHERs is a novel healthcare marketplace that connects female doctors to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging online technology.

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Emperor’s Bazaar is Pakistan’s first Crafts based e-commerce marketplace curating Authentic Handcrafted Goods from all over Pakistan.

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TDTL is an after school academic enrichment company that shifts the focus away from rote learning and the tuition culture in Pakistan whilst providing a safety net for those who fall within the cracks of the traditional schooling system.

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Ezpz Sehat is an online system that aims to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by providing reliable information of doctors practising all over Pakistan.

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Smart Security Solutions is an internet of things (IOT) company that creates firmware, hardware, and software products designed to maximize car security and safety.

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Meet the 2014-2015 Accelerator Class


Meri Taleem is the one-stop shop for higher education, providing students opportunities, counseling, and information to make the transition to university life easier and more convenient.

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Dheere Bholo aims to be an activist publishing house that provides high-quality and innovative content to improve Pakistani education.

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Savaree aims to encourage carpooling in areas where people are unable to travel as freely.

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Blue Saint aims to preserve, modernize and showcase Pakistan’s cultural crafts to an international audience via an e-shop and focus on our female artisans.

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Inaaya is a high-fashion company that works with rural women in Sindh to produce high-quality clothing and jewelry.

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Meet the 2013-2014 Accelerator Class


Amal Academy works to develop professional and life skills amongst the youth in Pakistan, in order to empower underprivileged students to realize their professional dreams. Amal Academy aims to train students in low-income schools, reaching 100,000 disadvantaged students within 9 years.

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Asli Goli is an SMS-based pharmaceutical product verification service for consumers, using unique serial numbers printed on the product. The company aims to combat the counterfeit pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan.

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IdeaCentricity launched Oddjobber, a platform to match low income, low-skilled workers to jobs. Using phone calls and SMS, Oddjobber helps job seekers reach the mainstream market. It is currently working with rickshaw drivers in Lahore, matching drivers with those seeking rides via mobile technology. Think “Uber for Rickshaws”

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NutriNysa launched Raise D’Bar, Pakistan’s first locally-sourced all-natural organic nutrition bars. Ingredients for Raise D’Bars are sourced from low-income farmers in Pakistan’s northern areas (Gilgit-Baltisan).

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The Reading Room Project (RRP) curates education technology content to supplement education in low-income classrooms in Pakistan. RRP is recently completed their pilot with primary and secondary school students in a slum in Karachi, Pakistan, curating content and facilitating learning in an innovative environment

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3Restart provides game-based learning solutions to supplement education globally. The company develops unique games to improve the existing learning environment for lower secondary school age children.

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Meet the 2012-2013 Accelerator Class


The Organic Pine Nut Enterprise, or OPEN, is a for-profit enterprise that invests and innovates Pakistan’s underdeveloped pine nut value chain to increase the income & capacity of small farmers. Through a cooperative model, OPEN aims to increase and improve production, processing, arrange organic certification and supply this commodity to high-end local and international markets.

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EcoEnergy delivers affordable clean energy solutions to off-grid communities in Pakistan. EEF works with rural villages and local partners to distribute solar lanterns and lighting systems to these communities.

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Milk’Op is a for-profit social enterprise that organizes, finances, and supports small dairy farmers in Pakistan. Milk’Op aims to both provide income generation opportunities for these small farmers and create a fully integrated modern dairy value chain in the country.

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Popinjay is sustainable fashion company that supports marginalized women to produce high-quality handbags. The company’s mission is to produce beautiful high-end products while producing fair-wage jobs for low-income women in Pakistan

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Renewable Energy Solutions, or RES, provides renewable energy solutions to rural farmers in Punjab, Pakistan. RES primarily builds biogas plants to support small dairy farmers, helping to power their agricultural, dairy and livestock needs, and later moving to provide other forms of biomass for power generation.

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