i2i Industry Insights Brief: E-Commerce

i2i’s first Industry Insights brief provides intensive research and analysis of the potential of the country’s exciting e-commerce sector.


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While much of Invest2Innovate’s work has been hands-on with local entrepreneurs in Pakistan, i2i has been working with a number of other stakeholders to make the Pakistani entrepreneurship ecosystem more robust and enabling to businesses and investors. This Industry Insights brief is our first attempt to provide an intensive deep-dive into Pakistan’s ecosystem – in this case the growing e-commerce industry. We are a country ripe for opportunity, and e-commerce players like Daraz.pk, Shopistan and FoodPanda showcase the appetite for consumer-facing platforms and solutions. At the same time, there is an overall lack of transparency in Pakistan that pertains to every industry, not just e-commerce, making it difficult to understand the real challenges at hand and gain insight into how companies are actually doing. In our extensive interviews and research into this industry, i2i attempts to provide a real glimpse of the market opportunity and challenges facing Pakistan’s e-commerce industry.

Did you know?

8iE7qe8iaPakistan’s e-commerce industry is mobile-first 

8iE7qe8iaE-commerce platform traffic from mobile phones account for more than HALF of total traffic

8iE7qe8ia90% of e-commerce transactions are made on a cash-on delivery model

What will I get from this report?

8iE7qe8iaExtensive analysis based on 14 interviews with top industry insiders, including the Daraz Asia, Kaymu, Shopistan and Yayvo, as well as 3 investors with direct experience investing in the space. 

8iE7qe8iaSecondary research based on macroeconomic indicators, as well as current research on Pakistan and other regional markets

8iE7qe8iaInsights into the challenges facing the e-commerce industry, as well as suggested ways forward

Who is it for


This brief will provide a thorough analysis of the opportunities & challenges in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry

Industry Players

This report will provide recommendations on how to take the industry forward.

Pakistan Watchers

This brief will give you deep insights into Pakistan’s consumer-facing economy, and what’s next.

Nothing to date has offered as clear an overview of the opportunities and challenges of the rising eCommerce space in Pakistan.  This Industry Insights brief is both the compass and map for any outside investor beginning to understand the potential in this remarkable country.

Christopher M. Schroeder

Tech entrepreneur, venture investor and author Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East.

This ‘must have’ report provides thematic insights and analysis into the current trends shaping Pakistan’s technology and start-up sectors. It maintains critical objectivity, removes fanfare and as far as I can see balances viewpoints across leading practitioners. Well done team i2i!  I look forward to reading more of these as regular periodicals.

Omer Ehtisham

CEO, DotZero Ventures

Having been part of the India investor and entrepreneurial eco-system story for the past decade, I would highly recommend this E-Commerce Industry Brief as essential reading. As was the case in India a decade ago, we too will have to first lay down the tracks in Pakistan in order build the industry railroad. This brief provides important data, testimonials and recommendations about what needs to be done to realize the enormous potential of the Pakistan e-commerce market.

Fawzia Naqvi

Former VP, Soros Economic Development Fund

E-commerce report

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