Pakistan Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Report 2016

A comprehensive study that maps the entrepreneurship landscape, highlights ecosystem trends and challenges and provides recommendations for the improvement of the ecosystem.

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Putting the ecosystem under a lense

The Pakistan Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Report is an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the enabling environment for businesses in the country. The study maps the space, assesses the gaps and challenges entrepreneurs face in Pakistan, and provides recommendations on how to improve the ecosystem in the future.

According to the report, there has been a noted increase in entrepreneurial activity in Pakistan, which is both exciting and encouraging. However, while this growth is encouraging, a number of challenges prevail – a lack of formalized funds, a lack of trust and transparency, and a poor policy and regulatory framework – to name a few. This report delves into these challenges and explores ways to further enable entrepreneurship and investment in Pakistan. For additional information, contact our Head of business operations


Pakistan Startup Map! Check out the live interactive map of Pakistan’s growing startup space.

This report is a compilation of the years of knowledge that we have gathered as part of i2i’s Insight Lab. It captures the trends, observations and challenges from the ecosystem and gives action points for the stakeholders to act on. We hope this will be used as a tool for years to come to in better decision making and connections around the ecosystem.

Kalsoom Lakhani

CEO, Invest2Innovate

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