An Ecosystem Designed to Foster Innovation, Amplify Impact and Fuel Growth for Startups

What We Do

At i2i, we bet on people, in their ideas, and in their unwavering determination to create value. We provide the infrastructure — through a powerful community, data-backed insights, and coaching support—to help founders who have the power to imagine new worlds, create those worlds.

We call ourselves ecosystem builders but we are an ecosystem within ourselves — we equip founders with tools, data, the ecosystem every founder needs to transform their vision into reality.

What i2i does is simple yet profound — we curate a network, an ecosystem of value. We connect founders with mentors, investors with innovation, and ideas with the means to execute them. This ecosystem isn’t just a community; it’s a living, breathing entity that’s designed to foster growth, create value, and empower change, especially by bringing women entrepreneurs to the forefront of the narrative.

How We Do it

Far beyond a reactive measure, i2i Ecosystem represents a proactive stride towards comprehensively addressing three areas in the startup sector and supporting entrepreneurs.


i2iScale is a series of growth sprints designed for mature founders ready to grow and scale their ventures.

Investor-Founder Discovery Platform

A reliable data repository to help inform decisions such as founder-investor matching; network building to bring appropriate founders, investors, and industry experts together to support entrepreneurs.


A regional community of entrepreneurs, investors, solution providers - under one roof, with support from the i2i team to find the right people to speak to and then a warm introduction to get your foot in the door. Also expect lots of no-fluff, curated meet ups and events.

invest2innovate has Launched i2i Ecosystem with Support from Visa Foundation.




Our Impact

Funding Raised Through Various Programs
$ 0 M
High-impact entrepreneurs trained
Women entrepreneurs trained
Incubators, ESOs, and Accelerators Trained
Jobs Created through the Accelerator
Mentors Engaged through Various Programs
Dealflow 2023 by i2i

Featured News


In reflecting on Pakistan's dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, I've had the honor of guiding founders through a transformative program of Invest2innovate(i2i). Witnessing their resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges has been inspiring. One key insight is the resilience of the ecosystem despite uncontrollable variables like macroeconomics. Organizations and investors are stepping up, and there's a growing willingness to adapt and innovate. Particularly noteworthy is the emergence of various support structures, including local VCs incentivizing and supporting fledgling businesses.

I've supported i2i from their early days and the thing that always stood out was their willingness to take risks and work with all types of startups. They have always refined their focus to what truly mattered. From grooming teams that no one bet on to actually launching a multi million dollar fund to plug the funding gap, i2i has earned founder's respect for always sitting on their side of the table.

i2i has literally ignited my interest in the start up sector. i2i initiatives, trainings and the reports that have been compiled on the startup ecosystem are a great tool for not only those who want to be an entrepreneur but also for those who want to carry out research on startup markets. The professionalism and dedication of the i2i team is indeed commendable and I wish them the very best for all of their future endeavours along with my support wherever possible.

The Pakistan Startup Ecosystem Report by invest2innovate accurately identifies some of the major hurdles faced by early stage businesses in Pakistan and has been long overdue. It provides in-depth context of the challenges and helpful recommendations on the way forward. This report is an important reading for anyone interested in understanding and reforming the startup ecosystem in Pakistan.

i2i Ventures

Our sister entity, i2i Ventures, invests in pre-seed and seed-stage startups and provides hands-on support to take their businesses to the next stage. The team has worked with startups in Pakistan for over a decade and has played a direct role in the ecosystem's growth and evolution. 

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