Deal Flow Roundup | Q3 2021

Pakistani startups raised:

$20.3M in Q1 2021 (15 Deals)

$85.2M in Q2 2021 (18 Deals)

$172.6M in Q3 2021 (17 deals)

= $278M raised in total in 2021 YTD (51 Deals)  

Here are our key takeaways:

– The total amount raised from 2015 to present has reached $490M across 224 deals.

– Amounts raised in startup investment in Q3 2021 recorded a YoY growth of 337% in comparison with 2020.

– We are close to crossing the $300M mark in 2021, which is phenomenal considering that we are at the beginning of Q4 and there are still more deals in the pipeline. For the record, our projections at the end of Q2 showed that the total amount of investment for 2021 would reach at least $151.13M.

– Top funded sectors in terms of total amount raised in 2021 YTD include e-commerce = $177M (12 deals), fintech = $63M (13 deals), Digital Trucking Platform = $15M (4 deals), and health = $10.5M (3 deals)

– The seed stage deal count has been on the rise since 2017 (13 deals) with 2021 recording the highest number of seed stage investments in Pakistan with 33 deals in 2021 YTD (accounting for $100M this year alone).

– There has been a significant increase in the average ticket size for pre-seed, seed, pre-series A, and series A deals since 2017.
There is more where this data came from! Head over to our Startup Deal Flow Tracker on our website to see details of each of these deals and more:

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