Slush is here!

i2i has again partnered with Slush and to organise a local competition for impact startups in Pakistan.

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i2i Investor Toolkit

The i2i Investor Toolkit is a 101 Guide that equips investors with know-how and information to operate in Pakistan.

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i2i Accelerator Impact So Far

The i2i Accelerator Report 2015-2016 details the learnings and major findings from the latest cycle of our program as well as over the past four years.

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We believe the next great entrepreneurs will come from growth markets. We provide the support needed to see those success stories emerge.


We select entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas for an annual program designed to grow businesses and position them for seed investment.


Our community of investors is passionate and committed to supporting young entrepreneurs in Pakistan.


We provide cutting-edge data & analysis to help stakeholders navigate & understand growth markets.

It Takes a Village.

To build a strong startup community, particularly in Pakistan, all players have to work together. At i2i, we have built an amazing community of mentors, investors, partners, and friends who make what we do possible.